Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Too Comfortable?

comfortable office chair
I have never had an office job.  I do however own an office chair.  On several occasions, I recall either working on my computer or watching television while sitting on my chair.  Most times, I feel quite comfortable thanks to the solid cushioning, back support and the ability to recline.  So I'm doing my best to stay focused whatever task I have in front of me.  Before I know it I end up dozing off for 20 to 30 minutes.  I wake up and one of the first things I think is "glad I don't have an office job because it definitely would not work out!".  Then I ask myself "Does this happen a lot to people who work these types of jobs?".

We can all agree that this probably happens from time to time.  Some office jobs require many hours sitting at a desk on a computer attempting to complete whatever task was assigned to you.  Research has proven when sitting and staring at one place for a long period of time, the mind and body slowly starts to tire.  So it is safe to say that some people we know that work in an office have been a victim of this happening to them.

office chair comfort

Can this be prevented?
Personally I see no choice in the matter if offices want their workers to stay on top of their work and not fall asleep on the job.  Although providing seating arrangements that are somewhat uncomfortable probably would not solve the problem either.  That could actually make it worse.  It seems the best thing for most workers would be being provided with chairs that are somewhere in between the range of comfortable and uncomfortable.  No one wants to be on a chair with zero back support and a sense of strain on certain body parts.  At the same time while most companies want their employees in a comfortable environment in order to do their best work, they don't want to over do it to the point where people could lose focus.  I for one love my office chair I use at home. with its high back and neck comfort and reclining abilities.  If I was in an office environment though I probably have a similar chair but minus the reclining ability as I fear I could lose focus on getting my work done.

So what is your opinion on this matter?  Feel free to comment as all opinions are welcome!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dining Room Decline

There was a time once when having a family dinner in the dining room was quite the tradition.  I recall coming home after school Monday through Friday with my parents expecting my sister and I to start working on my homework immediately.  Most of the time, we would work on the dining room table due to it having plenty of space for books and papers.  Several hours later dinner would be ready and we would clear the table of our work in order to set up the plates and silverware.  The food would come out and we would have a family dinner in the dining room on the dining room table.  This was one of our little family traditions.  According to most of my former classmates in grade school, this was more or less a small tradition in their household as well.

dining room declineAround this time if someone had told me that roughly 10 to 15 years later, family dinners in the dining room would occur less and less, I would think they are crazy.  With new families coming together I could not imagine how such a mild but classy tradition could slowly decline in our society.  I will say however, 10 years ago I was far more optimistic on life then I am now lol.  Not that I am not optimistic from time to time but as you become older it seems that life gives out its fair share of setbacks and inconveniences.  Out of random boredom I tend sit back and just ask myself some random questions.  One of them being, "why is having dinner in the dining room table on such a decline?"  With so many people on this planet everyone has different situations in their life and a lot of them can be somewhat similar to the other.  To me, it all comes down to one word why a daily dinner in the dining room has lost its lust for most of us.

Or rather lack of time.  In today's society most of us seem to be busier then ever before.  Due to the high costs of living and providing for your family most people are working longer hours as well.  You could imagine after a long hard day at work most people might not have the energy to fix up a dinner in the dining room.  Not to mention all the time it would take cleaning up the dining room table. Depending on the ages of their children, one might just throw something together before leaving for work and leave the kids instructions on how long to cook the meal for.  It's most likely that the kids will not be eating this meal in the dining room.  I know when my sister and I were on our own, after preparing something in the fridge or freezer, or just ordering we would grab some dinner trays and eat in either the living room or our own rooms.  In fact due to the internet being so addicting, it's very rare for me to be eating a meal not by my computer.  Nowadays a lot of work is needed to be done online in for some people it could be hard to find time to have a meal away from the computer.  Once again it seems most of us just don't have enough time on our hands to enjoy a nice family dinner.  

It seems that the only times the dining room is put to use is during certain holidays when perhaps more family members would be around.  It's kind of saddening to see this small tradition slowly cease to exist.  I'd like to hope that it will someday turn around as much as I hope the economy will someday turn around.  I'd also like to think that I am a bit wrong and that more then enough families and friends are enjoying a nice dinner in the dining room on days other then Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I suppose only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Too Much Furniture in a Room?

As I have gotten older I've come to realize the term "less is more" can apply to many aspects in our lives.  We don't need a whole lot of food in one sitting to replenish our bodies.  We don't need to be involved with a countless amount of charity groups and clubs as that could get expensive.  And especially don't need to stuff our home with more furniture then we really need.


Unfortunately, most of us are probably guilty of this at least once in our lives. You just got your new home or apartment.  Now it is time to move in and get some furniture that will suit the place.  You start to shop either at stores or online.  Within maybe a couple of weeks you acquire all the chairs, sofas, tables and beds that your home needs for it to be complete.  But every now or then your check online to see some of the hottest trends.  A certain chair or coffee table catches your eye.  Something in your brain is telling you "you must add this to your home!"  For whatever the reason you decide to go for it.  It is only one additional piece of furniture why not.  Then a couple of weeks or months pass and then a lovely recliner or dresser catches your eye.  Once again you decide to buy in.  This cycle could end up happening over and over until the next thing you know you have way more furniture in your home then you actually need.

cluttered living roomSadly enough, most of us have developed the mindset that we never have enough.  And when it comes to your home, having this type of mindset could turn your home into a cluttered mess.  Members in my own family have been quite guilty of this, and it can be for various reasons.  Some people I know, every time they plan to have guest over they just feel the need to add something new to the home for the sake of keeping it updated.  I don't see the problem with doing this on some yearly occasion.  The problem is when one feels the need to do this again and again depending on how often they have guest come over.  A better approach could be replacing some worn down recliner chair with a new one instead of just adding a whole new addition to your home.

living room

There is no problem on doing some re-touching or adding some new additions to keep the house looking nice.  However, at some point we should take a step back and ask ourselves "Do I really need to add this to the home?  Will there be enough room?"  If most of us can do this we can problem take a second glance at our home and realize that everything is just fine the way it is for now at least.  By doing this you may just end up with more open space in certain rooms and have saved some money to spend on slightly more important things such as bills and food.  And once again you'll come to see that when it comes to setting up the interior of your home...less is more!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is Color Coordinating Home Interior Important?

I remember back when I was very young my family and I moved into this new house in the suburbs.  At the time, I thought it was so cool that we finally had our own house.  From the outside it looked great.  It was a nice white color with black rooftop.  Both the front yard and the back yard were a decent enough size. Then we checked out the inside of the house.  Even as a kid, I could tell that there was a lot of work that had to be done.

Two things I noticed my mother make the biggest deal over was what color to paint the walls, and what color furniture to match the rooms.  She wanted each room to have a different color, the style of the dressers to match that color and even the bedsheets to match the walls.  Again I was only 5 years old but I thought she was being a little ridiculous.  When it finally came time to paint the rooms  I felt a bit overwhelmed.  My parents had me move the paint roller up and down on certain walls.  At first I thought it was kind of fun.  I as continued to paint it slowly felt like a chore.  I recalled telling myself that whenever I moved into my own place, if the walls were already a suitable enough color, I would not waste my time doing a bunch of repainting.

After the painting was done, my family and I spent the next couple of days shopping for furniture.  Now if there was one thing I could not stand growing up it was my mother forcing my sister and I to go cloth shopping with her.  Now I'll admit, furniture shopping isn't as bad.  However, I am forever grateful for whoever came up with the idea to sell furniture online.  There is nothing I love more then a convenient way to shop.  My mother of course found a way to make this furniture hunt a near impossible mission.  The color of the sofa had to match the material, the material had to match the design.  We were at this one store for well over 3 hours.  Searching for the right beds was rough as well.  In my mother's opinion, one beds mattress was too soft, one was too hard, one bed frame did not match with way she felt it would look in the room.  More or less of the same would occur for everything else we were looking to place in our new home.

adequate bedroom

Years later my parents would start watching a show called house hunters.  Time to time I would eavesdrop out of curiosity to know what this show was about.  What I learned was that there were people just like my mom who would go a bit overboard on making sure the interior was to their precise liking.  I have even heard people hire color consultants to assist them on the right colors for their home.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that those people know how a color can look when it goes on a wall or ceiling.  However, if I was on a tight budget I would probably just attempt to do the research myself. 

For some people color coordinating the interior of your home is incredibly important.  I understand that certain colors can create different emotions but at the same time I'd prefer to find a home with some simple bright colors already done and not have to repaint it.  I would also prefer to find furniture that is very comfortable even if the color does not fully match to my liking.  For those that are obsessive enough to never settle for less then the exact color or peace of furniture material that they are looking for, I commend you for your persistence.  Please feel free to share whether color matching your home is or isn't important to you and why.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Having Back Pain?...Sit on a Bean Bag Chair

Being human, it is inevitable that at one point in our lives we start to experience pain in certain parts of our body.  For many of us, back pain (specifically lower back pain) can become an issue especially as we get older.  Over 30 million people in the United States can experience back pain at any given moment according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).  Nearly 50% of adults per year in the U.S. report having back pain.  Luckily for, Dr. Michael Roizen of Internal Medicine reports that nearly 95% of lower back pain can be treated without surgery.  Simple things like exercise or furniture that offers the proper support could greatly reduce back pain.

Most people would think the traditional chair or sofa is the perfect furniture to lay on after a hard days work.  Unfortunately research has shown that this is not always the case.  Straight chairs happen to be one of the worst seats for your back though some would have originally thought otherwise. Depending on the type of chair are sofa, you end up having to posture in a way that does not offer your spine proper support.  Even if you are capable of leaning on the arm of your chair or sofa, you may actually be causing more damage.  Due to their stationery posture, your back has to adapt to the furniture that you are sitting on.

Enter the Bean Bag Chair
 In my opinion most people see bean bag chairs for 2 things.  They either see it as a novelty or home decoration, or as a fun seat for their children.  However for most of us these chairs may be just the remedy that our back requires.  A properly filled bean bag can be one of the most comfortable and relaxing  pieces of furniture in your home.  Thanks to the filling inside the bean bag, your body will be supported in its natural positions when you decide to sit or lay down.  Regardless of your body type, when seated the bean bag adapts and will adjust to give yourself the proper support required for your back to rest and heal properly.  Also no matter how much you rearrange your position, the beans will move along adjusting to however you are seated.

 Besides being good for back support, most bean bag chairs are very affordable and can last for a long time.  You can find it in many shapes and sizes and different materials.  So keep in mind, if you are suffering from back aches, a trip to the doctor might not be overly necessary.  Try relaxing on a nice bean bag chair.  You just might save yourself the headache of scheduling an appointment and getting prescribed medication that would temporarily assist pain.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Having an Office Chair at Home

adequate home office chair
When most people think of the term office chair, the definition is quite self explanatory.  A chair a person uses in their office/cubicle/work environment.  Depending on your work place, you might see these types of chairs all the time.  Most of them tend to be equipped with at least wheels and a height adjustment.  Some of these office chairs even come with armrests and higher back/neck support with the ability to recline.  In a work place these types of chairs tend to be reserved for people in a executive position.  Hence forth, executive office chairs tends to me the go to name for  these types of seating.  Again the popular place to see most of these chairs is in a corporate type of office.

adequate mesh office chair

However, there are some people that appreciate having an office chair in their own home.  There happens to be quite a few different reasons why a person would want to have an office chair in their home.

Creating a Home Office: It is 2015.  Thanks primarily to the internet many people have created their own businesses that can be run in the privacy of their own home.  There are people however that have jobs and businesses outside of their home.  In case additional work needs to be done for either, having a home office can come in handy.  Depending on the size of a persons desk and the amount of computer or paper work spread across it, having an office chair is most definitely helpful.  Some people also prefer the office setting so sit in their home office their mind goes to work mode so they can perform the assignment they want done to the best of their abilities.  Most importantly, the right office chair is quite comfortable and offers solid support for your back in case one would be seated and working for long hours.

Studying/School Work: Outside of jobs many people still attend a type of school in order to advance in their fields.  Depending on the degree you are pursuing, you could be spending many hours studying, writing papers or working on a big project.  Once again, the proper office chair could ease the physical ailments and stress that one goes through while working on a hefty amount of school work.

For Pleasure: An office chair doesn't always need to used for stressful environments such as working at home or studying for a big exam.  They can also be used for relaxing hobbies.  Some people love to read while on an office chair.  Whether it's a book, kindle/ipad/tablet, newspaper or an online article, you can count on being quite comfortable with leisure time.  Unlike regular chairs, office chairs offer far superior back and neck support for one to enjoy reading for long periods of time.  Other relaxing activities such as watching TV or playing video games can be done while remaining comfortable in this specific type of chair.

All of the Above: Thanks in big part to the internet it is now possible to do multiple things right in the privacy of your own home.  You don't have to rent out space for an office separate from home.  No more heading to your local or college library to prep for a big exam or request your favorite authors next novel.  All of this can be done in the convenience of your own home.  And with office chairs in higher demand by consumers, it is proof that there is no better piece of furniture to sit on while handling all of your affairs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sofa Material Preference

Hello and welcome to Adequate Living's Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to educate our readers on the various sofa materials.  When someone is interested in purchasing a sofa we are curious what type of material they would prefer and why.

First I must say that I was surprised of all the different types of fabric options there are for sofas.  From natural materials to blends and synthetics anyone interested in a sofa for their home or office will definitely have a nice variety to choose from.  Lets start with the natural materials.

Natural Materials
Natural materials in general are considered to be soft with a comfortable touch.  Unfortunately where some people might consider natural material sofas more comfortable then synthetics, they do fade quicker and are known to stain and wrinkle easier then a sofa with a synthetic upholstery.

 Leather: One of the most popular fabrics for sofas is of course leather.  Leather sofas have always had a reputation for being durable and easy to clean.  They have also been considered a luxury to have in a home because of how soft and comfortable they are.  It is important however to be cautious of where you place a leather sofa because it can easily be damaged from sharp objects or extreme hot and humid areas.  This would hands down be one of my top material options if I was purchasing a sofa!

Cotton: Despite cotton being a well known material for sofa I not should I would ever get one or recommend it to someone else.  It is not known to be stain resistant or as durable as other fabrics.  The one edge cotton sofas have are the textures you can choose from.  I'll admit the right texture makes this one of the nicer looking sofas but I still wouldn't consider purchasing one with how quickly they might wear out and how difficult they can be to clean.

Linen: One might call this cotton's distant cousin.  Similar to cotton it is a very nice looking fabric but not very durable.  It is also a natural insulator that reacts well with the seasons keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  However, if your family consist of young children and pets, this type of sofa is probably not for you.

Wool: A very rare fabric to find as a sofa upholstery.  Wool is both durable and beautiful but unfortunately it can be a bit more expensive then other fabric options.  Despite the price of most of these types of sofas I think that might still be worth it if you want to give your home that WOW factor.

Silk: Very smooth feel and very comfortable to lay on.  Maintaining a silk upholstery couch however can be tough due to the fragile material.  It would be the type a couch used more for decorations rather then just sitting on.
 Synthetic Blends
The awesome thing about synthetic blends is all the great color options you could get thanks to this material accepting dye well.  It is also less likely to stain or fade with age.  For families with young kids and pets, synthetic is the ideal upholstery for your sofa.  However, it is important to note that unlike most natural materials, synthetics do not breathe as well.  It would be best to avoid putting this type of sofa in direct sunlight within your home as it can get incredibly hot.

Microfiber: This fine polyester/nylon material easy quite well rounded.  Microfiber is soft, durable and stain resistant.  If upholstery did end up stained, it is still easy to clean. With it being priced at a competitive rate, it is no wonder why this has become a popular upholstery option.

Faux Leather: For those whom wish to avoid buying something made at an animals expense, faux leather is the perfect choice for you.  One big plus from this type of sofa is the fact that it is less expensive then real leather but just as durable, rich and luxurious. 

Chenille: This fabric can be made mostly from synthetic materials such as rayon olefin.  However it can also be made from cotton.  Chenille is known to have a stylish look and being stronger then other fabrics.

Acrylics: This fabric is very durable, resistant to stains and wrinkles and quite affordable.  The acrylic fibers have a soft touch consistent to that of wool.  

As we can all see, there are definitely plenty of material options when it comes to choosing sofa.  And depending on one's situation whether you are single, married with kids or have pets your material preference will definitely be more specific.  So what would your choice of material be and why?  We look forward to finding out!