Friday, June 26, 2015

Sofa Material Preference

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The purpose of this blog is to educate our readers on the various sofa materials.  When someone is interested in purchasing a sofa we are curious what type of material they would prefer and why.

First I must say that I was surprised of all the different types of fabric options there are for sofas.  From natural materials to blends and synthetics anyone interested in a sofa for their home or office will definitely have a nice variety to choose from.  Lets start with the natural materials.

Natural Materials
Natural materials in general are considered to be soft with a comfortable touch.  Unfortunately where some people might consider natural material sofas more comfortable then synthetics, they do fade quicker and are known to stain and wrinkle easier then a sofa with a synthetic upholstery.

 Leather: One of the most popular fabrics for sofas is of course leather.  Leather sofas have always had a reputation for being durable and easy to clean.  They have also been considered a luxury to have in a home because of how soft and comfortable they are.  It is important however to be cautious of where you place a leather sofa because it can easily be damaged from sharp objects or extreme hot and humid areas.  This would hands down be one of my top material options if I was purchasing a sofa!

Cotton: Despite cotton being a well known material for sofa I not should I would ever get one or recommend it to someone else.  It is not known to be stain resistant or as durable as other fabrics.  The one edge cotton sofas have are the textures you can choose from.  I'll admit the right texture makes this one of the nicer looking sofas but I still wouldn't consider purchasing one with how quickly they might wear out and how difficult they can be to clean.

Linen: One might call this cotton's distant cousin.  Similar to cotton it is a very nice looking fabric but not very durable.  It is also a natural insulator that reacts well with the seasons keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  However, if your family consist of young children and pets, this type of sofa is probably not for you.

Wool: A very rare fabric to find as a sofa upholstery.  Wool is both durable and beautiful but unfortunately it can be a bit more expensive then other fabric options.  Despite the price of most of these types of sofas I think that might still be worth it if you want to give your home that WOW factor.

Silk: Very smooth feel and very comfortable to lay on.  Maintaining a silk upholstery couch however can be tough due to the fragile material.  It would be the type a couch used more for decorations rather then just sitting on.
 Synthetic Blends
The awesome thing about synthetic blends is all the great color options you could get thanks to this material accepting dye well.  It is also less likely to stain or fade with age.  For families with young kids and pets, synthetic is the ideal upholstery for your sofa.  However, it is important to note that unlike most natural materials, synthetics do not breathe as well.  It would be best to avoid putting this type of sofa in direct sunlight within your home as it can get incredibly hot.

Microfiber: This fine polyester/nylon material easy quite well rounded.  Microfiber is soft, durable and stain resistant.  If upholstery did end up stained, it is still easy to clean. With it being priced at a competitive rate, it is no wonder why this has become a popular upholstery option.

Faux Leather: For those whom wish to avoid buying something made at an animals expense, faux leather is the perfect choice for you.  One big plus from this type of sofa is the fact that it is less expensive then real leather but just as durable, rich and luxurious. 

Chenille: This fabric can be made mostly from synthetic materials such as rayon olefin.  However it can also be made from cotton.  Chenille is known to have a stylish look and being stronger then other fabrics.

Acrylics: This fabric is very durable, resistant to stains and wrinkles and quite affordable.  The acrylic fibers have a soft touch consistent to that of wool.  

As we can all see, there are definitely plenty of material options when it comes to choosing sofa.  And depending on one's situation whether you are single, married with kids or have pets your material preference will definitely be more specific.  So what would your choice of material be and why?  We look forward to finding out!

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  1. Right now my choice of sofa material preference would be microfiber. It comes off as a well balanced material that is quite comfortable and soft. Microfiber is easy to clean and is priced fairly reasonably for the type of material you are getting.