Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is Color Coordinating Home Interior Important?

I remember back when I was very young my family and I moved into this new house in the suburbs.  At the time, I thought it was so cool that we finally had our own house.  From the outside it looked great.  It was a nice white color with black rooftop.  Both the front yard and the back yard were a decent enough size. Then we checked out the inside of the house.  Even as a kid, I could tell that there was a lot of work that had to be done.

Two things I noticed my mother make the biggest deal over was what color to paint the walls, and what color furniture to match the rooms.  She wanted each room to have a different color, the style of the dressers to match that color and even the bedsheets to match the walls.  Again I was only 5 years old but I thought she was being a little ridiculous.  When it finally came time to paint the rooms  I felt a bit overwhelmed.  My parents had me move the paint roller up and down on certain walls.  At first I thought it was kind of fun.  I as continued to paint it slowly felt like a chore.  I recalled telling myself that whenever I moved into my own place, if the walls were already a suitable enough color, I would not waste my time doing a bunch of repainting.

After the painting was done, my family and I spent the next couple of days shopping for furniture.  Now if there was one thing I could not stand growing up it was my mother forcing my sister and I to go cloth shopping with her.  Now I'll admit, furniture shopping isn't as bad.  However, I am forever grateful for whoever came up with the idea to sell furniture online.  There is nothing I love more then a convenient way to shop.  My mother of course found a way to make this furniture hunt a near impossible mission.  The color of the sofa had to match the material, the material had to match the design.  We were at this one store for well over 3 hours.  Searching for the right beds was rough as well.  In my mother's opinion, one beds mattress was too soft, one was too hard, one bed frame did not match with way she felt it would look in the room.  More or less of the same would occur for everything else we were looking to place in our new home.

adequate bedroom

Years later my parents would start watching a show called house hunters.  Time to time I would eavesdrop out of curiosity to know what this show was about.  What I learned was that there were people just like my mom who would go a bit overboard on making sure the interior was to their precise liking.  I have even heard people hire color consultants to assist them on the right colors for their home.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that those people know how a color can look when it goes on a wall or ceiling.  However, if I was on a tight budget I would probably just attempt to do the research myself. 

For some people color coordinating the interior of your home is incredibly important.  I understand that certain colors can create different emotions but at the same time I'd prefer to find a home with some simple bright colors already done and not have to repaint it.  I would also prefer to find furniture that is very comfortable even if the color does not fully match to my liking.  For those that are obsessive enough to never settle for less then the exact color or peace of furniture material that they are looking for, I commend you for your persistence.  Please feel free to share whether color matching your home is or isn't important to you and why.

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