Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dining Room Decline

There was a time once when having a family dinner in the dining room was quite the tradition.  I recall coming home after school Monday through Friday with my parents expecting my sister and I to start working on my homework immediately.  Most of the time, we would work on the dining room table due to it having plenty of space for books and papers.  Several hours later dinner would be ready and we would clear the table of our work in order to set up the plates and silverware.  The food would come out and we would have a family dinner in the dining room on the dining room table.  This was one of our little family traditions.  According to most of my former classmates in grade school, this was more or less a small tradition in their household as well.

dining room declineAround this time if someone had told me that roughly 10 to 15 years later, family dinners in the dining room would occur less and less, I would think they are crazy.  With new families coming together I could not imagine how such a mild but classy tradition could slowly decline in our society.  I will say however, 10 years ago I was far more optimistic on life then I am now lol.  Not that I am not optimistic from time to time but as you become older it seems that life gives out its fair share of setbacks and inconveniences.  Out of random boredom I tend sit back and just ask myself some random questions.  One of them being, "why is having dinner in the dining room table on such a decline?"  With so many people on this planet everyone has different situations in their life and a lot of them can be somewhat similar to the other.  To me, it all comes down to one word why a daily dinner in the dining room has lost its lust for most of us.

Or rather lack of time.  In today's society most of us seem to be busier then ever before.  Due to the high costs of living and providing for your family most people are working longer hours as well.  You could imagine after a long hard day at work most people might not have the energy to fix up a dinner in the dining room.  Not to mention all the time it would take cleaning up the dining room table. Depending on the ages of their children, one might just throw something together before leaving for work and leave the kids instructions on how long to cook the meal for.  It's most likely that the kids will not be eating this meal in the dining room.  I know when my sister and I were on our own, after preparing something in the fridge or freezer, or just ordering we would grab some dinner trays and eat in either the living room or our own rooms.  In fact due to the internet being so addicting, it's very rare for me to be eating a meal not by my computer.  Nowadays a lot of work is needed to be done online in for some people it could be hard to find time to have a meal away from the computer.  Once again it seems most of us just don't have enough time on our hands to enjoy a nice family dinner.  

It seems that the only times the dining room is put to use is during certain holidays when perhaps more family members would be around.  It's kind of saddening to see this small tradition slowly cease to exist.  I'd like to hope that it will someday turn around as much as I hope the economy will someday turn around.  I'd also like to think that I am a bit wrong and that more then enough families and friends are enjoying a nice dinner in the dining room on days other then Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I suppose only time will tell.

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