Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Too Much Furniture in a Room?

As I have gotten older I've come to realize the term "less is more" can apply to many aspects in our lives.  We don't need a whole lot of food in one sitting to replenish our bodies.  We don't need to be involved with a countless amount of charity groups and clubs as that could get expensive.  And especially don't need to stuff our home with more furniture then we really need.


Unfortunately, most of us are probably guilty of this at least once in our lives. You just got your new home or apartment.  Now it is time to move in and get some furniture that will suit the place.  You start to shop either at stores or online.  Within maybe a couple of weeks you acquire all the chairs, sofas, tables and beds that your home needs for it to be complete.  But every now or then your check online to see some of the hottest trends.  A certain chair or coffee table catches your eye.  Something in your brain is telling you "you must add this to your home!"  For whatever the reason you decide to go for it.  It is only one additional piece of furniture why not.  Then a couple of weeks or months pass and then a lovely recliner or dresser catches your eye.  Once again you decide to buy in.  This cycle could end up happening over and over until the next thing you know you have way more furniture in your home then you actually need.

cluttered living roomSadly enough, most of us have developed the mindset that we never have enough.  And when it comes to your home, having this type of mindset could turn your home into a cluttered mess.  Members in my own family have been quite guilty of this, and it can be for various reasons.  Some people I know, every time they plan to have guest over they just feel the need to add something new to the home for the sake of keeping it updated.  I don't see the problem with doing this on some yearly occasion.  The problem is when one feels the need to do this again and again depending on how often they have guest come over.  A better approach could be replacing some worn down recliner chair with a new one instead of just adding a whole new addition to your home.

living room

There is no problem on doing some re-touching or adding some new additions to keep the house looking nice.  However, at some point we should take a step back and ask ourselves "Do I really need to add this to the home?  Will there be enough room?"  If most of us can do this we can problem take a second glance at our home and realize that everything is just fine the way it is for now at least.  By doing this you may just end up with more open space in certain rooms and have saved some money to spend on slightly more important things such as bills and food.  And once again you'll come to see that when it comes to setting up the interior of your home...less is more!

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