Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Too Comfortable?

comfortable office chair
I have never had an office job.  I do however own an office chair.  On several occasions, I recall either working on my computer or watching television while sitting on my chair.  Most times, I feel quite comfortable thanks to the solid cushioning, back support and the ability to recline.  So I'm doing my best to stay focused whatever task I have in front of me.  Before I know it I end up dozing off for 20 to 30 minutes.  I wake up and one of the first things I think is "glad I don't have an office job because it definitely would not work out!".  Then I ask myself "Does this happen a lot to people who work these types of jobs?".

We can all agree that this probably happens from time to time.  Some office jobs require many hours sitting at a desk on a computer attempting to complete whatever task was assigned to you.  Research has proven when sitting and staring at one place for a long period of time, the mind and body slowly starts to tire.  So it is safe to say that some people we know that work in an office have been a victim of this happening to them.

office chair comfort

Can this be prevented?
Personally I see no choice in the matter if offices want their workers to stay on top of their work and not fall asleep on the job.  Although providing seating arrangements that are somewhat uncomfortable probably would not solve the problem either.  That could actually make it worse.  It seems the best thing for most workers would be being provided with chairs that are somewhere in between the range of comfortable and uncomfortable.  No one wants to be on a chair with zero back support and a sense of strain on certain body parts.  At the same time while most companies want their employees in a comfortable environment in order to do their best work, they don't want to over do it to the point where people could lose focus.  I for one love my office chair I use at home. with its high back and neck comfort and reclining abilities.  If I was in an office environment though I probably have a similar chair but minus the reclining ability as I fear I could lose focus on getting my work done.

So what is your opinion on this matter?  Feel free to comment as all opinions are welcome!

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